Practice Areas

Business and Commercial Litigation

One of the most aggravating things for any business is to be part of a litigation, whether it is as a plaintiff or as a defendant. At The Law Offices of Daniel A. Singer PLLC, we provide personalized attention at each step of the way so as to make the process as painless as possible so that you can continue to focus on the running of your business. Business disputes can take any number of forms including, by example, disagreements regarding contract matters; allegations of breach of fiduciary duty by business partners and other associates; tortious interference with contractual relations; unfair competition; and the theft of intellectual property. (see more)

Collections and Judgment Enforcement

Critical to any business is that it is paid for the goods and/or services which it provides. We employ proven strategies to ensure the maximum recovery on delinquent accounts and represent clients with respect to the enforcement of judgments which have been entered in court. We also represent individuals and businesses with respect to the defense of collection actions. (see more)

Real Estate and Real Estate-Related Litigation

By its very nature, real estate is prone to be the subject of litigation. We represent clients in a wide variety of real estate and real-estate related actions including, by example, disputes between buyers and sellers of real property; claims by or against real estate brokers; property damage cases; partition actions; and construction litigation. (see more)

Landlord and Tenant Litigation

New York is often described as a city of renters. It should come as no surprise that a wide variety of disputes arise between tenants and landlords. We represent commercial and residential tenants and landlords in all actions which stem from such relationship such as non-payment proceedings, holdover actions, HP proceedings, and “Yellowstone” injunctions. We also represent tenants and landlords in administrative proceedings such as proceedings before the Division of Housing & Community Renewal. (see more)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sometimes it is preferable to resolve a dispute in a forum other than court. Other times a client is required to resolve a matter through arbitration because of agreed-upon language in a contract or, alternatively, a client is contractually-bound to engage in mediation prior to engaging in litigation. We represent individuals and businesses in both arbitrations and mediations.


The lease is the documents that defines the landlord-tenant relationship. As such, it is critical that it contain the terms that you expect. At The Law Offices of Daniel A. Singer PLLC, we review, negotiate, and draft both commercial and residential leases. (see more)


Simply put, defamation involves the making of false statements which damage a person’s reputation. In the age of the Internet, the magnitude of defamation and damages which it can cause to one both personally and professionally has increased dramatically. We represent both victims of defamatory conduct as well as those that have been accused of engaging in such conduct. (see more)

Business Formation and Administration

The legal core of any business is the entity under which it chooses to conduct itself. We counsel clients with respect to the formation of business entities such as limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations. We also draft and modify the documents concerning the administration of such businesses including shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, corporate resolutions, and by-laws. (see more)

Business Transactions and Advisory Services

In order for a business to function smoothly, it is important that the terms of any pertinent agreement be set forth clearly and in writing. We draft, negotiate, and revise all agreements affecting small and medium sized business such as service contracts, contracts relating to the purchase and sale of goods, employment agreements, license agreements, and agreements involving the purchase and sale of businesses. We also provide legal advice to businesses on an as needed basis. (see more)

Divorce and Family Law

Disputes involving family members can be particularly difficult. We represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces and in proceedings in family court, such as custody and visitation proceedings; child support proceedings; and family offense proceedings. We also review, negotiate, and draft, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. (see more)