Real Estate and Real Estate-Related Litigation

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of real estate and real estate related disputes in New York. These include, by mere example, the following:

Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers of Real Property

Thankfully, most real estate transactions go smoothly. Unfortunately, problems do occasionally arise. Common problems include the failure to perform pursuant to the terms of a contract of sale; misrepresentations regarding the status of a property; breach of the terms of a closing agreement; and the failure to return monies which may have been escrowed. When such matters cannot be resolved out of court, we are prepared to prosecute claims which may arise from such transaction as well as defend you from any claims which may be brought against you stemming from same.

Please contact us if you are involved a property dispute that you would like to discuss.

Construction Litigation

Construction litigation can take on a variety forms and may involve, by mere example, the failure to perform renovations in an apartment or home pursuant to an agreed-upon contract; defects with respect to the build out of a commercial space; and problems associated with a new development. When contemplating pursuing a claim based on defects in construction, it is important to consult with counsel as soon as possible so as to address proper ways to preserve the evidence and to identify the parties to a prospective lawsuit. In the instance that a claim is asserted against you relating to construction defect, we are prepared to defend you aggressively. Part of such defense may involve, by example, identifying the true parties which may responsible for the alleged defects and pursuing your insurer for coverage when you are denied same in the first instance.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our prospective representation of you in a construction litigation.

Property Damage Cases

In New York, occupying a commercial and/or residential space in a building which is also occupied by other owners and tenants is a fact of life. Along with living and/or operating your business in such a shared space environment comes the risk of incurring property damage. When contemplating a claim for property damage, it is important to consult with counsel as early in the process as possible so as to evaluate the matter and ensure that the appropriate inspections are conducted. If you are accused of having caused property damage, we are prepared to represent you effectively and such defense may also include asserting claims against the true perpetrators of such alleged damage. Please feel free to contact us.

Condo and Co-op Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes arise frequently with respect to condos and co-ops in New York. Whether a claim is being asserted against you by the condo or co-op in which you reside and/or own a unit or if you believe that you have a claim against condominium association or cooperative housing board, we are prepared to evaluate your matter and discuss the prospect of representing you with respect to same.

If you are seeking representation in a condo or co-op dispute, please contact us to discuss the matter with you.

Partition Actions

With respect to jointly owned properties, one of the owners may desire to partition or divide the property. Sometimes this can be accomplished voluntarily whereas other times it may be necessary to seek judicial intervention. If you desire to partition a property in New York or, alternatively, are faced with a request or an action to partition property, feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the matter with you.

Disputes Regarding Real Estate Broker Commissions

Normally, the payment of real estate commissions function smoothly and is part of the ordinary course of conducting real estate transactions in New York. Occasionally, problems do arise with respect with respect to the payment of commission fees from landowners and/or the splitting of fees between brokers. If you believe that you have not been paid a commission which you are owed or, alternatively, if a claim for commission has been asserted against you which you believe should not be paid, please contact us to discuss the prospect of us representing you to address the issue.